The Stuppy Adueduct:

A complete Aquaponics System, tailored to Teachers.

The Aqueduct is a truly complete Aquaponics system. We include everything you need to get the system up and running. You supply the Fish, we supply everything else.

  • The Aqueduct includes all tanks with pre-cut holes, pre-cut and pre-glued PVC, air and water pumps, float rafts, expanded clay media, water testing kit, fish food etc.  
  • The only tool needed to set the system up is a 7/16th wrench or socket wrench.
  • A complete Aquaponics Curriculum. Targeted at High School age students and built to Next Generation Science Standards, our curriculum is included FREE with your Aqueduct.
  • Beyond the basic Aqueduct system, we offer multiple  options to tailor the system to meet you needs even more closely.
    • A First of it's kind, Nutrient Film Technique(NFT) bench for Aquaponics.
    • An additional Float Tank to accomodate larger class sizes.
    • Heating and Lighting Options to meet the majority of Environmental needs
    • A Clarifier to extend the life of your system and make cleaning easier
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