Greenhouse Blog

This blog is for commercial and educational greenhouse owners, managers, teachers and employees


Our purpose for this blog has been and will continue is to be a resouce for the greenhouse industry. A resource that is unbiased and educational; covering topics from starting a commercial greenhouse, maintaining existing structures, growing crops in a greenhouse and industy news. 

Our Goals:

  • To be educational
  • To be Up-to-Date
  • Written in a way that is entertaining and will hold your attention

Aquaponics Blog

This blog is all about aquaponics


The efforts put into this blog are based in two categories: useable information for aquaponics growers, that is easy to understand and updates on Stuppy's ongoing aquaponics research. We will also include stories and news from the aquaponic industry. 

Our Goals:

  • To be a resouce you can continually come back to for new information
  • Cover topics in a way that experienced and new growers deem helpful
  • Differentiate between proven methods and theroized methods